Gaspar Vargas



My name is Gaspar Vargas,
I’ve been working for AquaCal – Autopilot for 17 years, I started working in the Production Line back in February of 2001, I moved along the line learning from the 1st station (mounting components to the base) up to Testing and Packing/Boxing the Heat Pumps. 2 Years later, I was promoted as the supervisor on one of our 2 Production Lines, then I moved to the warehouse where I learn ed all position going from receiving to shipping including UPS for small packages.
Once I had the knowledge of all parts and part numbers and how to build the Heat Pumps, I moved in the service/ repair department;1 year later, I moved to the Technical Help Department carrying all the knowledge I’ve had acquired from the previous 6 years.
In 2007 our Autopilot System merged from Fort Lauderdale to St. Petersburg where I learned how the Salt Chlorine Generators work and how to do troubleshooting; through the years and with all the skills that I got “under my wing” I took advantage of being bilingual and I offered to start traveling to do seminars/training in some of the Spanish speaking countries, this step “in the ladder” and learning a bit public speaking took me to become a CPO Instructor.
As one my hobbies, I like playing guitar and I also like playing Basket Ball, but more than anything I enjoy our Family Time watching movies and traveling.


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