Bill Drakeley

SWD Master
Drakeley Swimming Pools


Bill Drakeley Bio

Bill Drakeley is Principal and Owner of Drakeley Industries and Drakeley Pool Company. Drakeley holds the distinction of being the new Chairman of ACI 506-H Pool Shotcrete Committee. He is an approved ACI Shotcrete Examiner and Secretary of the ACI Certified Nozzleman program, 2016 President of the ASA, an ASA Technical Adviser, a Genesis 3 Platinum member as well as a member of the Education Council, and a member of the Society of Watershape Designers. Drakeley teaches courses on shotcrete applications at pool industry trade shows, World of Concrete, and numerous other shotcrete-specific venues. He is a contributor to Shotcrete magazine, AQUA magazine, Pool & Spa News, Watershapes magazine, and other industry publications.


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