Carvin DiGiovanni



Carvin DiGiovanni
Carvin has been employed by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (formerly, National Spa and Pool Institute) from 1990 to the present. He currently is Vice President for Technical and Standards where he directs APSP’s standards and technical programs. His efforts have resulted in a safer and stronger industry that has benefited the consumer and APSP members. In addition, Carvin was instrumental in the development of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, and was recently presented with the International Code Council Affiliate Award “in recognition of his service and commitment to the development of codes and standards in the interest of public safety”. Carvin’s accomplishments in the standards and technical arena has positioned the APSP as the authority on pools, spas and hot tubs to government, regulators and consumers. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Safety from New York University and a second Masters Degree in Supervision and Administration from the City College of New York.


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