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  • Dallas entrepreneur launches innovative portable in-pool-shade-solution – complete with cupholders

    Now you can enjoy the pool as much as you want and you finally don’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful UV rays, thanks to a new and innovative umbrella that just hit the market.

    Called Sunbrero, this device is designed to be submerged, which means that it can be placed anywhere you want in the pool (the shallow end might be the best though), and now you can safely enjoy downtime with family and friends in the water without getting sizzled under the hot sun.

    Doug Frerich is the brainchild behind this amazing invention that will definitely be a hit among consumers who own pools.

    The idea for Sunbrero hit him one day while he was trying to find ways to beat the heat in the swimming pool at his home in Dallas, Texas.

    Sure, his pool was refreshing, but it lacked shade.

    So, he then envisioned a solution – a lightweight and transportable umbrella that would provide shade in the water, along with a convenient bar table with cupholders to keep any beverage in arms’ reach.

    He drew his first prototype for Sunbrero on a napkin, and the rest is history!

    “There are tons of people who can’t be out in the sun for long periods of time, and I am thrilled to launch an easy-to-use sun solution and help keep everyone safer,” explains Frerich. “Now with Sunbrero, people can safely enjoy the pool without worrying about the dangerous effects of sun exposure.”

    This must-have-outdoor-product offers scores of benefits for pool lovers.

    It makes the pool fun again, with less set-up and maintenance, and since it blocks UV rays it makes pool-time safer and will help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Even better, the product stays put in the pool, so you can focus on all the fun and you don’t have to fuss over pool equipment that will drain the fun out of a pleasant day. What pool enthusiasts will also enjoy with Sunbrero is that it’s easy and fast to assemble, which means there is no more wasted time struggling to put swim accessories together – or take them apart.

    Sunbrero also boats a first-of-its-kind-design, allowing it to stay in place without being overly heavy to lift. The umbrella also features smart-slits to allow the wind to pass through, without catching the umbrella and blowing it away. This new innovation also includes a convenient table surface with drink holders, and a storage compartment for your sunglasses, wallet, or keys.

    Sunbrero’s large canopy blocks sunlight and UV rays, letting you swim with confidence, and you can easily change its height – standard height is 7-feet tall; however, it can be adjusted to your liking for pool use.

    Frerich will unveil his product at the Pool & Spa Show at the Atlantic City Convention Center from January 28-30, 2019.

    “I am excited to introduce Sunbrero to everyone,” he says. “I know it will be a huge ‘splash’ on the market and I am confident that it will be a must-have product for property owners who own in-ground and above-ground pools, and I also see it being widely used at condominium and apartment complexes, even hotel resorts. My invention is also perfect for the beach or anywhere really – it easily screws into the sand or grass.”

    It’s Your pool. Your Summer. Your Sunbrero. Make your pre-order today at


  • Sunbrero Umbrellas
    Sunbrero Umbrella was created to be easily enjoyed while in the pool, and quickly put away at the end of the day. Now, Sunbrero is ready to protect you during your next family fun adventure....

  • What is Sunbrero?
    Sunbrero is your convenient, user-friendly solution to have shade and refreshment anywhere you want while in the pool-a personal paradise!

    Simply submerge the base underneath the water and insert umbrella pole to have convenient shade anywhere you want, instantly.

    Beat the heat, be safe from the sun and stay cool as you enjoy the best, most relaxing days in the pool. Sunbrero - shading your oasis. 

    You and your guests will enjoy the convenience of swimming up to the refreshment bar without having to leave the water! This is the perfect pool party centerpiece. 

    The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun gets intense. Find some relief from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun under the canpany of Sunbrero.

    The strategically engineered Sunbrero structure makes for unprecedented stability in all water conditions. Easily use in your pool's shallow end or in a hot tub. 

    Sunbrero makes pool time fun again, with less setup and maintenance: Fun and Appealing UV Ray Protection So You Can Swim and Play Longer.The last thing you want to worry about during your summer fun is skin cancer. Sunbrero helps block UV rays and makes pool time safer.

    Sunbrero’s unique design isn't just for pools, it allows you to take it with you anywhere. Use it at the lake or bay, at ballgames, parks — anywhere you want relief on a hot sunny day.