MicroPlasma Ozone  

Champaign,  IL 
United States
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MicroPlasma Ozone introduces the first and only NSF validated and NSF Standard 50 listed ozone systems (ozone only) designed specifically for residential pools. Multi-patented MicroPlasma Ozone Technology® provides a 2 gram per hour ozone output utilizing ambient air (4-40 times greater ozone output than traditional residential pool ozone or AOP systems). Onboard ORP monitor/controller continuously measures the health of the pool water, with controls to measure and adjust for changing ambient conditions. Utilizing low energy (about 120 Watts), and operating on ambient air, it is fully automatic, making it the first Smart Ozone System for residential pools. Ozone is an excellent eco-friendly product for residential pools, because of ozone’s extraordinary efficacy in destroying microorganisms, and its tremendous oxidation and micro-flocculent properties. Reducing chlorine use to the bare minimum, ozone provides crystal clear water, free from chlorine’s negative effects.