Riverside,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3748

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

VirtuBox provides a Cloud based Platform for Interactive Kiosks and App for manufacturer's distributors, Dealers that can enhance the digital foot print for the user. The App provided D2C for manufacturers on all sorts of products and product information, technical guides, installation manuals, videos can be all updated with the click of a button. Provided huge data analytics on the user behaviour. What products are doing well, what pages are constantly looked at. The whole Kiosk and Apps are searcheable and there are Call to Action C2A buttons for immediate response in the form of Texts or Phone Calls. A must for Store Help to enhance their selling skills. An interactive Kiosk Screen will not Call in Sick nor fail to answer the question on products. Orders can be placed on App platform and Kiosk Platform as well. Come and see us and save tens of thousands on Printing, Labor, Data Analytics and Increase Sales and Product awareness multifolds all across the user base.

Brands: VirtuBox is a SaaS based Cloud platform for interactive Touch Screen Kiosks, Apps, VitruNavigation, VirtuQuery, Big Data and Analytics. Data is new Gold! We have it for you.