Watershape University SVC 2311: Automating a Service Department

  • Room: On Demand: Business
Tuesday,January 26, 2021:10:00 AM -11:00 AM
/ CEU Credits:1


Speaker 1
Julie Kazdin Boucher
Kazdin Pools


This service sector training is designed to assist in computerizing a service department. In a post-pandemic world, the need for paperless workspaces is increasing, and this program will assist a service department in operating paperless office, field, and customer experiences. There will be time for service department members to ask questions in a non-sales arena to get real-world answers to what can help them manage in an automated world.


Learning Objectives

• Illustrate different options for a paperless workspace such as scheduling software, GPS, picture programs, automated job boards, etc.
• Discuss the need to be paperless in a post-pandemic world considering diverse work environments such as working from home and other distance workplaces as well as minimizing undue contact through handling paperwork, etc.
• Evaluate varying needs for different service teams dictated by culture, time, and money.
• Facilitate discussion/debate on current options in the marketplace as companies in attendance share their experiences in an open format.