Watershape University DGN 3422: Vanishing Edge Design & Detail

  • Room: On Demand: Technical
Tuesday,January 26, 2021:10:00 AM -11:00 AM
/ CEU Credits:1


Speaker 1
David J. Peterson
Watershape Consulting, Inc


There are infinitely many detail options available for water-in-transit watershapes such as vanishing edge, slot-edge, and gutter pools, spas, and waterfeatures. Design aesthetics push us in certain directions while structural and mechanical engineering pulls us in others. The best solution must consider everything as a whole and this program lays it all out for you. Get inspired by beautiful imagery and reveal what's hidden behind these amazing projects. 


Learning Objectives

1. Discuss the principles of design that make water-in-transit systems successful, including balance, harmony, movement, unity and variety.
2. Employ one or more of several design options such as vanishing edges, slot-edges, raised perimeter-overflows, gutters, plant-edges, and other edge details to create a work of art.
3. Evaluate edge details and how they affect spillways, catch basin sizes, mechanical design, surge basin volume, structural engineering, and other considerations.
4. Compare the most common edge options from aesthetic and line-of-sight issues to engineering concerns for easier selection in any particular project.