Women in the Industry: Staying Afloat Together
Monday, January 23rd | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

We’ve listened! This year we’ve expanded our workshop to include more networking, learning, and fun. This session will include a working lunch.

This workshop is a collaborative look at strategies and methods to keep yourself above water in the pool and spa industry. Facilitated by a leadership expert, Anne Obarski, you’ll learn directly from women who work in all aspects of this industry how they’ve dealt with professional challenges and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.  

This year’s expanded workshop will include leadership training and industry learning focused on preparing you for the 2023 season and beyond. The workshop will be limited in size to give you the best opportunities to connect with other participants, have one-on-one interaction with instructors, and ensure everyone has an opportunity to ask questions and learn.

The day’s schedule will include:

  • Caffeine and Connections:  Join us for coffee (or juice) and a chance to reconnect or meet the women participating in the workshop.

  • Like a Duck to Water:  In today’s world, everything is happening fast. You often have to adapt quickly. Get ahead of the curve when women from all aspects of the industry will share lessons they’ve learned in the last six months. Learn from their mistakes and successes. This interactive segment is a great chance to connect with women in your position and learn about what’s happening in other industry areas. Possible topics include HR/Conflict Management, Customer Conflicts, Marketing/Sales Trends, and more.    

  • Lightning Learning:  These round-table discussions are your chance to explore the topics covered in the lessons learned. Not only will you hear more from the presenters, but you’ll learn how other women have tackled similar situations.
  • Leadership Luncheon – Showcasing Your Worth & Ruffling Some Feathers: Over lunch, our facilitator, Anne Obarski, will share practical strategies you can use to get recognized for your contributions to your company. You might struggle with tooting your own horn, but with a few changes to your mindset, you can get comfortable being your biggest cheerleader.

  • Deeper Dives: Let’s switch gears and review some key topics in more detail. We’ll blend technical information with business management to ensure everyone can relate and learn something new. Topics will include water chemistry and communication skills. 

  • What’s Next Recap:  At the end of the day will all come back together to share what we’ve learned, how to stay connected, and ways to build on the workshop’s ideas.