The Who, What, and Why Around Today's Acquisition Surge

  • Room: 310
Thursday,January 26, 2023:8:30 AM -10:00 AM
/ CEU Credits:1.5


Speaker 2


Today, mergers and acquisitions in the pool and spa industry are happening left and right. While these acquisitions bring about change, there are ways your business can manage and navigate this shift in our industry. Whether your business is preparing for an acquisition or you’re looking for guidance on how to adjust to acquisitions, this session will help you find the path forward. This session will discuss the “why” and “what” that’s making acquisitions such an attractive option for today’s pool business. As indicated by our current state of the industry, these acquisitions are not slowing down. and this session will help pool industry professionals prepare themselves and their business for the acquisition transitions as they occur. 


Learning Objectives

Understand what the driving force is behind today’s acquisitions in the pool and spa industry.
Learn the potential impact acquisitions have on your pool or spa business.
Understand the opportunities and pitfalls presented by your vendors, partners and competitors going through these acquisitions.
Identify what would make your pool or spa business attractive for an acquisition or exit.