What's Next? Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World

    Monday,January 23, 2023:9:00 AM -5:00 PM
    / CEU Credits:8


    Speaker 1


    Predictability is a thing of the past, but thoughtful strategic planning remains the key to a successful future. Creating a roadmap for your business success will give you the tools you need to adapt to a constantly changing marketplace. 

    Strategic planning doesn't have to be a slow and tedious process. In fact, this fast-paced workshop will reveal a new approach to analyzing your market, your business, and new opportunities. You'll learn how to evaluate your options and make decisions faster based on real facts.

    This course was created to address the unique challenges you'll face in the 2023 business environment. Join Business Coach and Pool & Spa Industry Expert Guy Gruenberg for this practical all-day workshop where you'll:  

    • Learn the 5 Step Strategy Process that takes the mystique out of strategic planning
    • Understand how a proper plan can result in less reacting and fewer crises for your business
    • Gain tactics to grow profits sustainably on your terms
    • Learn more about job costing Job Costing and how it ties to your sales plan
    • Get tools to help you stop just estimating and get back to selling
    • Rethink your perceptions so you can more accurately plan and be prepared to make quick adjustments.