Training for New Trainers: How to Develop, Design, & Deliver Your In-house Education

  • Room: 308/309
Monday,January 23, 2023:9:00 AM -5:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:8


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Effective training of new (and existing employees) is critical to your company's success. Small and mid-size businesses often rely on trusted employees to fill the role of staff trainer. Make sure they have the skills to be successful in this crucial position.

Whether training the team on technical topics or company policies, this course will help new trainers translate complex topics into easy-to-understand lessons that employees will remember. 

This workshop will help participants obtain skills to deliver interactive, customized training on technical and professional development topics.   This course will cover:

  • The principles, practices, and strategies for teaching adults. Gain insights into adult learning styles, environments that enable learning, and techniques to help learners gain & retain information.
  • Sharpening your presentations. Learn how to design learner-center games, creative ice-breakers, and classroom energizers. Plus, gain insights on how to make visuals more exciting.
  • Organizing and structuring training to meet learning objectives. Review how to identify your course objectives and meet your audience's needs. Explore methods that will maximize participation, generate discussion and propel your lessons forward. 
  • Capturing the attention of different generations of learners. In most cases, you will speak to an audience of various generations. Learn how to balance their different needs and how to ensure your message reaches them.