A Pro's Guide to Above-Ground Pool Assembly & Liner Installation

  • Room: 317
Monday,January 23, 2023:8:30 AM -1:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:4.5


Speaker 1
Jim Dorsey
Sales Director/Technical Specialists
Kayden Manufacturing, Inc.
Speaker 2
Ken Harris


This hands-on class features live demonstrations and classroom presentations that will walk you through how to be successful at every step of your above group pool installation. Starting with site selection and preparation, you’ll learn the essential tips for ensuring your installation is set up for success from the beginning. The class will then go over how to assemble the framework correctly. 

This is where things get interesting! We aren’t just talking about assembly work. We are doing it right in the classroom with your help. Get practical experience and learn by doing. Next, you’ll review how to install a wrinkle-free vinyl liner and then take those lessons straight to our assembled pool to put your knowledge to work.

Combining classroom instruction with hands-on training will prepare you to take on more work in the booming above ground pool market.