Pool Inspections and the Real Estate Market: New Opportunities

    Monday,January 23, 2023:8:30 AM -1:00 PM
    / CEU Credits:4.5


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    The swimming pool boom has created a growing demand for knowledgeable pool inspectors for real estate transactions. Learn what it takes to transition into this expanding market and build a pool inspection business.

    Pool inspection as a standalone service has been around for a long time but has only recently become mainstream. A swimming pool often is the most expensive feature of a home. If it is not correctly inspected during a home sale, it could result in expensive repairs for the new homeowner.  

    This course will cover:

    • The Purpose Of The Swimming Pool Inspection For Real Estate Transition
    • Inspection Details: required qualifications, the scope of an inspection, and how to report your findings.
    • Tools of the Trade:  what equipment and tools you'll need to succeed
    • Challenges You Will Face:  seasons/weather, clients,  and other professionals.
    As homeowners and realtors are more educated about the value of a dedicated swimming pool inspection, you could be the perfect fit for this business opportunity