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FROG products offer more profit with innovative products.

Welcome to King Technology®, makers of FROG® sanitizing systems for pools and hot tubs. Our proven, repeat business model gives you more profit, with innovative products that create strong, long-lasting relationships. 

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Our research shows that pool and hot tub owners want water that's easy to maintain. FROG products make pool and hot tub water Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier® to take care of; that makes our customers more satisfied, and they keep coming back.

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 Press Releases

  •, Minnetonka, MN, January 4, 2023.

    Empty FROG® hot tub Cartridges are now recyclable. Once collected and processed into raw material, they will be made into useful items that everyone can enjoy.

    King Technology, makers of FROG sanitizing products for residential hot tubs, is partnering with TerraCycle®, a global recycler known for “recycling the unrecyclable.”

    “We’re very excited about this program,” Jackie Rieck, director of marketing for King Technology stated. “It’s the first of its kind in the industry and we hope it will lead the way to more sustainability in our industry.”

    FROG hot tub Cartridges are prefilled, which makes hot tub water care easy. People don’t have to measure anything, they simply open the package and insert the Cartridges into their hot tub system according to package directions. In addition to ease of use, prefilled Cartridges keep potentially hazardous contents away from contact with people.

    Because the hot tub industry’s sanitizing products come in plastic containers or pouches that contain chlorine or bromine, they are typically not accepted through local recycling services.

    However, a partnership with TerraCycle makes recycling easy. Retailers of FROG hot tub products can sign up to participate in the FROG Recycle program. When they do, they put a dedicated Recycle box, TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™,  in their store. Their customers put empty FROG hot tub Cartridges into the box. This increases store traffic for retailers who participate in the program while enhancing customers’ experience with an exciting new recycling program.

    When the Recycle box is full, it’s shipped to TerraCycle. TerraCycle operates dozens of Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in 21 countries and handles hundreds of different waste streams. When the empty Cartridges are received at TerraCycle’s MRF’s, they’re processed into usable raw material and transformed into common, useful products like park benches, picnic tables, outdoor chairs, decking, and railroad ties.

    “This easy all-in-one solution will help protect the environment and make a positive impact on the next generation of consumers,” states Alex King, regional sales manager, King Technology.

    This is a new program, one that retailers and consumers most likely have not heard of and it's a never-before-tried program for the hot tub industry.

    “This will be attractive to our customers and show that we’re trying to help the environment by reducing plastic waste,” stated Jake & Kristen Durfee, from Backyards & Billiards, in Colorado.

    Details of the FROG Recycle Program and a sample of the FROG Recycle box will be at the King Technology booth. 

    For more information contact Alex Granlund at 952-646-4339