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Pool Company Software that changes everything

Features & Automation for Medium to Large Pool Service Companies

You work hard to run a great pool service company but still have green pools, high turnover and bad reviews? You aren’t alone. Our pool company software solves these problems and many more with less time, money and stress.

Take a look at the features below and you'll see why leading pool companies choose Pool Brain:

  • Quotes
  • Jobs & Route Stops
  • Invoices & Payments
  • Routing
  • Guided Workflows
  • Custom Alerts
  • Multiple Bodies of Water
  • Chem Use, Cost & Dosing
  • Filter Clean Management
  • Technician Pay
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Customer Feedback
  • Proof of Service Emails
  • Customer Portal
  • App Works with no signal
  • Job Templates
  • Issue Reports
  • Quickbooks Sync
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Route Profit
  • Technician Scorecards


Pool Brain is an absolute game changer” Brook F. – Owner/Office Manager

This app is super easy to use. It requires almost zero training. Very self explanatory. It also helps me to not forget to do something at a job.” Tyler M.  – Pool Service Tech

Great Product! Pool Brain has been nothing but great with the customer support” Brian K – Pool Service Manager

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Brands: Pool Company Software that changes everything. A modern “all in one” solution built by industry experts to give you more time, more money and less stress.


Pool Brain - Overview

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  • Stop by the booth to meet the team, schedule a demo, ask questions, and get your company started with Pool Brain. 

    Our team has 55+ years combined experience running pool companies. 

    We've been in your shoes and understand every single challenge you're currently facing. We built Pool Brain to solve the unique problems of our industry and it can drastically reduce or eliminate just about all of your biggest issues. 

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    Pool Company Software that changes everything

    A modern “all in one” solution built by industry experts to give you more time, more money and less stress


    Routing Done Right

    Drag and drop, bulk move, cover pools easily

    Chem Reading & Dosing History

    See Chem Reading & Dosing History right in the app

    Customizable Alerts

    Analyze and dismiss alerts on your own or as a team

    Customer Feedback

    One-click feedback is built in to our platform, customer emails & customer portal

    Technician Scorecards

    Technician Scorecards and Stats at a glance

    Profit Report

    Profit report shows you if you're charging enough for each customer

 Press Releases

  • Happy New Year! 2022 has been amazing for Pool Brain and we're set to deliver even more in 2023. Let's recap what we accomplished last year and give you a sneak peak of what's coming.

    We added 100+ product enhancements in 2022
    (no, you didn't read that wrong)

    You can view all update details here but the highlight reel is below:

    January 2022

    View the details of this release

    • Quotes
      • Create & manage quotes directly in the mobile app
      • Add pictures and captions to quote line items (web & app)
      • Enhanced look and feel of quotes sent to customers
    • Invoices
      • Create & manage quotes directly in the mobile app
      • Enhanced look and feel of invoices sent to customers
      • Company level invoice statuses
    • Products & Services - Taxes
      • Ability to manage taxes for specific products, services and line items

    April 2022

    View the details of this release

    • Scheduling Routes & Jobs
      • Multi Day Map Views - 1 day, 2 day or weekly views
      • Drag & drop easily between routes on different days
      • "Quick Add" button
      • Optimized scheduling in the field on mobile
    • Technician time report
      • Displays the number of days the tech worked in the period, the total hours worked and the hours worked for each day/date.
    • Quotes settings
      • office notifications, quote status changes & default notes that appear at the bottom of every quote created.

    June 2022

    View the details of this release

    • Products & Services
      • Categories added and you can create up to 3 levels of subcategories, and now sync both ways using QBO (optional)
      • Chemicals in Settings are now linked to an actual product in products/services section
      • Automatically created route stop invoices display each chemical product line item instead of combining all chems into a single line item
      • Service levels now have an option to select which QBO income account they are associated with
    • Quickbooks Online Sync Changes
      • Products & Services now sync both ways (optional)
      • QBO will now use the income and/or expense account assigned to the product/service in QBO instead of using one account for everything
      • Products & Services in Pool Brain now show which income or expense account is assigned in QBO for quick reference
    • Income & Expense account enhancements for QBO
    • Creating New Customers/Addresses is Faster and Easier
      • Addresses auto-fill from a Google pick list as you type the address to save time and reduce mistakes
    • One time Jobs - system items (backwash, cleaned filter, cleaned salt cell) are automatically removed from workflows based on selected equipment

    August 2022

    View the details of this release

    • Customer Relationship Management
      • Ability to delete or archive customers
      • New statuses are automatically assigned to every customer - active (routed), active (no route), inactive, lead or archived
      • New search, filtering and report options
    • Payments - a company level payments section (on the Reports page) that displays # of total amounts of all payments by status: unapplied, partial, applied and refunds

    October 2022

    View the details of this release

    • Major Updates to "Add Chemicals" process in app
      • "Add Chemicals" workflow is now an item on the work in progress screen instead of being forced immediately after readings screen
      • Gallons calculator now displays directly on Add Chemicals screen if gallonage hasn't been entered for that body of water yet
      • Auto-dosing recommendations are now provided immediately after calculating a new gallonage
      • A "CONFIRM" button has been added for techs to confirm they've either added chems or won't be adding chems. Route stop activity list now displays the exact time the tech "confirmed" chemicals were added or not added in app
    • Chemical Reading & Dosing History in App
      • View readings and chems added for any time period quickly and easily by just dragging your finger across the graph
    • Automatic Swim Wait Message
      • Customizable swim wait message included automatically in customer email based on chems added (you choose which chems trigger the message)
    • Chemical Readings & Settings
      • Added 2 new chemical readings (bromine and borates)
      • Added the ability to turn off readings you don't use so they won't display in the app
      • Enhanced the location of chemical reading requirement/frequency settings and made them easier to use
    • 5 New Reports
      • Jobs Report, Invoice Summary Report, Invoice Line Item Report, Simplified Chemical Cost/Spend Report, and a Payments Report
      • All new reports are exportable as Excel files

    See all update details here

    Big things planned for 2023 💪

    January 2023 release

    This month we'll be launching another major release with an improved customer notes tab that shows which user added the note and when among other things, new user permissions, new technician permission (prevent certain techs from viewing/editing products/services in app), auto-send route stop emails to multiple email addresses for a single property, auto-send emails from your own domain/email address via Pool Brain, detailed user/system activity logs added (invoices, one time jobs, route schedules, one time move activity, etc), QBO sync indicators next to every invoice and payment in Pool Brain for quick reference and a lot more. Full update notes will be announced and posted soon.

    Also coming in 2023

    • Commission pay tracking system for technicians that complete jobs and/or get quotes approved with products/services you can specify.
    • View upcoming automatic invoice details and have the ability to add other products/services (skimmer baskets, o-rings, etc) to the invoice ahead of time so customers can be charged on one invoice at the end of the month.
    • Bulk actions to allow users to more easily make changes to settings company-wide, send or print a lot of invoices at once manually, delete jobs or invoices en masse if desired, etc.
    • Day specific checklist items so you can control which items appear in the technician workflow based on day of the week for multiple visit per week properties
    • Adding heaters as standard equipment to the equipment bar
    • Customer Portal improvements to give customers the ability to see all of their invoices/payments history, quotes history and the ability to manage more things with a "self serve" mindset.
    • A mass email system where users will be able to select a list of customer emails based on criteria like equipment type, zipcode, service level, past due invoice status, route move status, customer status, etc and then send an email to that list directly in Pool Brain using saved email templates or a message created on the fly.
    • A full inventory management system to track exactly what amounts of chemicals or parts you have on any truck, warehouse, shelf, you name it.
    • Automatic time averaging for routed properties so you know exactly how long a route should take any given time of the year with no additional effort
    • LSI

    There are many other smaller items we have planned but these are the main features on our 2023 roadmap. We're beyond excited to bring these new powerful features to our customers and have a lot more planned for years to come. 

    We wish everyone an amazing year with more time, more money and less stress.

    We're here to support you in that mission in 2023 and beyond!

    - The Pool Brain Team

    #1 Pool Company Software for Mid to Large Pool Companies

  • Pool Brain is the #1 Pool Company Software Platform for Medium to Large Companies

    January 2023 Product Features & Enhancements Released

    In addition to the 100+ features we launched in 2022, we just launched some great new updates which are now available to all of our customers.

    Featured Updates

    • New Customer Notes Tab
    • Auto-send multiple route stop emails for a single property

    • Send emails from your own domain/email address

    • New activity logs in web dashboard

    • Invoice and payment sync status indicators

    • New Technician Permission

    New Customer Notes Tab

    • A new "notes" tab has been added to customer pages to easily organize customer related information that doesn't apply to other specific notes fields

    • Notes are automatically organized by date and display user name, date and time clearly

    • Any user can create a note but only the user who created it can edit it

    • A new user permission has been added called "Can delete other user notes"

    Auto-send multiple route stop emails

    for a single property

    You can now auto-send route stop emails for a property to more than one email address by entering additional emails into the "Route Stop Email" field

    Send Emails from your own domain/email address

    • A new field in email settings named "Send From" has been added which enables you to use a custom email address for all emails sent to your customers by Pool Brain

    There are a few steps to get started using this feature. View the details

    New Activity Logs in Web Dashboard

    • Route Schedule Activity Log - see all actions/changes made by system or user on route schedules
    • One Time Job Activity Log - see all actions/changes made by system or user on one time jobs

    • Invoice activity log - see all actions/changes made by system or user on invoices
    • Indicator displays if Quickbooks Online changes tax amount on an invoice
    • One Time Move History now shows which user moved the property and when (see image below)

    Invoice and Payment Sync Status Indicators

    • Indicator icons have been added to all payment and invoice lists to show if the item is not synced to Quickbooks Online (rare event)
    • Users can click the icon to display more info about the syncing issue and access a new troubleshooting help article

    New Technician Permission

    • Technician permission toggle to prevent certain techs from being able to view products / services on a job in the app

    Our team is working hard every day to ensure Pool Brain has the features our customers need that give them more time, more money and less stress. We have a lot more coming soon and will keep you updated 😎

    Other updates in this release

    • New Salt reading requirement control

    • Chemicals added screen for one time jobs has been updated to match the most recent improvements for that screen on route stops (including viewing chem/reading history)

    • Max chlorine reading in app raised to 50ppm

    • Camera is now able to be zoomed in on Android devices

    • Job templates no longer have a "tax" setting option and will no longer overwrite the tax setting on a job when applied

    • Character count for quote notes section increased to 10k and vertical spacing format will appear as entered when customers view the notes

    • Customers that have been archived in Pool Brain but left active in QBO will sync updates (if any are made in QBO) without the system making the customer again in PB

    • System checks have been added to prevent a quote being approved more than once if a customer rapidly clicks the "Approve" button or if two people have the quote open simultaneously and both approve it.

    • ACH payments made in Pool Brain now show the last 4 digits of the bank account used on the payment for easy reference

  • Pool Brain CEO & Founder recognized as "remarkable talent who will help shape the future of the industry"

    PoolPro Magazine recently announced the 2022 30 Under 40 awards and we are extremely proud that our CEO and Founder, Adam Beech, has been recognized.

    Adam started his own pool service company in 2006 and ran it for 14 years. Over the years, there were challenges that took a lot of time, money and stress to deal with: the long process to train new technicians; pools turning green; customers who complained service hadn’t been completed and the difficulty in tracking chemical expenses and profits.

    After trying every solution imaginable, Adam realized the reason he couldn’t solve the problems his company had was because the technology his company needed didn’t exist. So he decided to build it. Adam sold his pool company in 2020 to focus completely on Pool Brain. Pool Brain just launched it's tenth major release in the last two years and is now the #1 pool company software platform for medium to large companies.


  • Pool Brain
    Pool Company Software that changes everything. A modern “all in one” solution built by industry experts to give you more time, more money and less stress....

  • Pool Company Software that changes everything

    A modern “all in one” solution built by industry experts to give you more time, more money and less stress

    Pool companies with 1 to 2 technicians want and need very different things than a company managing their field techs from a central location. Pool Brain was designed to meet the needs of these larger pool companies and smaller companies who want to grow fast.

    Pool Brain's founder owned a pool company in Phoenix, AZ with 30+ trucks on the road and saw the need for major changes to how things were done. The first version was built in 2017 from the ground up to fix the shortcomings that all software had for running medium to large pool businesses due to the unique nature of the pool industry.

    He was able to use his company as a test bed to prove the value of the software and that the unique concepts and features worked as intended. 

    Pool Brain is pool service software built by pool industry experts to solve the needs of pool companies at scale. Pool Brain has the advanced all in one features you need to grow your business or run a medium to large pool company.

    Take a look at the features and you'll see why leading pool companies choose Pool Brain.