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Get the Ultimate in Durability, Performance and Style

Renovate Pools with Reinforced PVC Membrane

Find out why reinforced PVC membranes are quickly becoming the preferred solution for renovating residential and commercial swimming pools and decks.

Cost Effective:  Most affordable waterproofing & surface repair solution

Low Maintenance:  Chemical balance & cleaning with ease

Fix Chronic Repairs:  Stop resurfacing, re-plastering & repainting year after year

Quick and Easy to Install:  No expensive equipment needed.

Increased profits:  Proven cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods. 

Increase your solution offering: Innovative product that allows you to differentiate from competitors.  



RENOLIT Reinforced PVC Membranes
RENOLIT RELIEF - Slip Resistant


    RELIEF is multi-purpose, slip-resistant 70-mil reinforced PVC membrane for residential and commercial projects....

  • Renolit, makers of weld-in-place PVC membranes for pool liners, offers new ALKORPLAN RELIEF for the 2023 season.  This multi-purpose, slip-resistant membrane has a category C slip resistance rating with a transformative texture that gives pools the look and feel of gunite yet is soft on toes and eliminates the maintenance headaches of gunite.  Available in 6 different colors—from white and sand to blue and grey to match any architectural design. 70-mil thick reinforced membrane for new pools or renovation.

    The natural looking RENOLIT TOUCH is a stylish solution for a modern and exclusive pool with endless design versatility....

  • RENOLIT's new PVC membrane, ALKORPLAN TOUCH, gives commercial aquatic facilities a high-end designer look. This new textured reinforced PVC membrane is inspired by nature and imitates the look and feel of granite stone. The 80-mil-thick reinforced membrane can be used for new pool and spa construction or renovations. 
    RENOLIT WET FLOORING is a reinforced PVC membrane created to renovate decks and wet zones for commercial settings....

  • RENOLIT WET FLOORING is a reinforced PVC membrane created to renovate and waterproof decks and wet zones in aquatic facilities, water parks, splash parks and wave pools, athletic facilities or community pools. This 80ml thick PVC membrane renovates decks to make them waterproof and slip-resistant. This product is an ideal solution for common deck problems, including cracks, chips, peeling paint and more. RENOLIT WET FLOORING PVC provides long-term ease of maintenance and is available in a variety of colors.