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Tara Pool & Outdoor Products is a family-owned and operated swimming pool products manufacturer that supplies pool professionals, with high quality vinyl swimming pool liners, pool safety covers and sun shades. Every product Tara produces is custom designed and built using state of the art design software and manufacturing equipment. To ensure the best fit and durability Tara uses the best materials available. Tara has been serving the swimming pool industry since 1984 and has earned a reputation for quality, speed and service.

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 Press Releases

  • The Tara A-B App is an easy an effective tool for measuring safety covers. When you use the app you reduce the chance of errors. The app displays your measurements as you go and gives you the opportunity to verify that the diagram matches the shape of the pool before you leave the job-site. You can send you order directly from the app saving you time and expediting the order. This article explains how you can use the app to measure safety covers quickly and accurately.


    Available for free on the Apple App store, the Tara A-B App is a simple and effective tool for measuring pools and safety covers. You’ll find that entering your measurements is quick and intuitive. After you enter the A and B measurement for any point it will be displayed in the app. As you enter more points, you can see the diagram of the pool take shape. Compare the diagram to the to the pool perimeter to ensure accuracy. Once you are done, you can easily check cross measurements and verify them in the app. If everything checks out, you can fill out an order form and place your order from the app. The Tara A-B App saves time, prevents errors and expedites your order.


    To begin your measurement, start by establishing your A and B points. They should be at least 3' outside the perimeter of the existing anchors and a minimum of 15’ apart. We recommend using stakes to mark your A and B points so that they stay fixed and do not move. You must use the same A and B points for measuring the anchor locations and the pool perimeter. We recommend placing the A point on the shallow end of the pool.


    Starting at the halfway point on the long side of the pool, number every fifth anchor using chalk or dot stickers. For areas where multiple anchors are grouped together, number each one, to avoid confusion. When you make it back to your first anchor, begin numbering points on the pool perimeter continuing the sequence of numbers. Keep in mind a complete A-B of the pool, is not necessary. You need enough points to establish the overlap necessary to construct the cover. See the example.


    Open the Tara A-B app and follow the set-up so it matches the orientation of your A and B points. You will also select whether you will be using one tape measure or two. Beginning at point number 1, start the measuring process. As you get to a number on the deck, ensure that you are at the corresponding number in the app. Once you have recorded all the anchor location points, move to the points around the pool perimeter.


    At this point, having the Tara A-B App will come in very handy. You can quickly check your cross dimensions in the app by switching to full screen mode and selecting any two points. You can also verify that the shape of the pool diagram matches the shape of the pool and anchor perimeter. This will ensure your measurements are accurate before you leave the job-site saving you additional trips back to the pool.


    Now that you have verified your measurements and everything checks out, you can complete your order. There is a simplified safety cover order form for the app. You will use this form to enter information not given in the app. You can simply fill out the information requested on the Tara A-B order form and photograph it. When you hit “Submit” in the app, it will allow you to attach the photo of your order form to an email containing your measurements. Please include your company name and job name in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, please note the point numbers associated with critical points, such as the beginning of obstructions.


    Visit www.tarapools.com/tara-ab, to download the Tara A-B App, simplified App order forms and detailed instructions.

  • The new Envision AR app from Tara brings the power of augmented reality to the pool design process. Now homeowners can see how their new pool liner will fit in with the surroundings of their backyard. Envision AR is the perfect tool to assist them with their liner pattern selection, because it personalizes their selection showing them how it will look in their own space.  

    Augmenting the design process

    After downloading the app to their phone or tablet they can place a pool in their yard. They can choose the shape, either rectangular or freeform, select a location and rotate it to find the perfect fit. Now the app can really shine as they select their custom options.

    Pick the pattern for your surroundings

    Only Envision AR gives homeowners the ability to compare how their new Tara liner will look in their own yard. They can browse our entire pattern collection and choose any pattern. With each pattern they can view it from far away, up close and from any angle. Envision AR shows how the pattern looks in water or they can remove the water with a touch of a button. Experience different lighting conditions too, from morning to noon or even dusk. With the power of Envision AR they will have a true sense of what their new liner will be like before they make their decision.

    Unique backyard additions

    In addition to choosing the pool shape and liner pattern, homeowners can customize the deck, safety cover and shade options. Start, by choosing either a brick, paver or concrete deck in an array of different color choices. Then, add a safety cover to create a safe environment for children and pets. They can choose the style of cover that suits your needs, whether it’s Regular Mesh, HD Mesh or Solid. Envision AR also gives you the unique option of adding an exclusive Shade Escapes cantilever sunshade. A beautifully designed structure, this all-in-one kit will enhance any outdoor living space. Available in a range of exciting shade colors, sunshades protect loved ones from the harmful rays of the sun and create a comfortable environment to enjoy the outdoors, year-round. 

    Try it today

    With Envision AR, everything they need is at their fingertips. Once the design is complete, they can take a screenshot to record their composition. Then they can use the app to find their local Tara dealer to transform their design into reality. Envision AR is available for iOS and Android. To learn more and use the power of Envision AR for your customers visit, www.tarapools.com/envision

  • Now more than ever, it’s essential to be able to manage your liner and safety cover orders. The easiest way to stay on top of all your orders is to use Tara 24/7. Our easy to use, web-based order system is your one stop shop for checking order status, getting instant quotes, and placing orders. You can access the site from your laptop or mobile device, so it’s perfect for staying up to date while you’re on the go. If you’ve used Tara 24/7 before, you’ll love the newly updated design. It makes it easier and faster to get what you need.

    At Tara, we realize that our customers need access to their orders, even when our offices are closed. With that in mind, we developed a web-based system to give our customers access to their orders anytime, day or night, from either their computer or mobile device. Our Tara 24/7 online order site is the tool you need to take control of your orders. We recently launched an updated layout for the site. The new design is clean and modern with simple navigation and fewer steps to order what you need. See the all new design at portal.taramfg.com.

    Managing your business depends on having accurate information. Tara 24/7 makes it easy to find the status of all your orders. Whether you place your order online or by any other method, you can easily track the progress from the time it’s submitted to the ship date. Find out when your order will be cut and welded, get tracking numbers, and see if any are waiting on approvals or other issues that could cause an unnecessary delay. Filters allow you to find past orders and you can customize the screen to see the information most important to you. Tara 24/7 helps you stay on top of your orders so you can manage your business effectively.

    Using Tara 24/7 to place your orders has several benefits. First, it steps you through the entire order process from start to finish with simple navigation and a question-and-answer format. Second, each type of pool has its own measurement requirements, so you can choose from 22 different shapes. The system won’t let you proceed until all the necessary information has been entered, so you don’t accidentally leave something out. Third, the system also checks for basic errors like the depths not adding up or if the measurements are out of square. You’ll avoid unnecessary delays when you use Tara 24/7 to place your orders.

    Once the order is placed, your distributor immediately receives an e-mail. They only need to assign a P.O. number and the order can be sent to production. This method expedites the order process for everyone involved.  Because all the information needed for the order is entered before you place the order, it is extremely rare that your order would be placed on-hold. Tara 24/7 eliminates the back and forth that can slow down orders.

    Another useful feature of Tara 24/7 is the quote feature. Whether you’re meeting with your client in your store or at their home you can easily pull up Tara 24/7 to get a quote. Simply enter a few details about the liner or safety cover to see the list price. Prices are shown for each thickness of liner and each type of safety cover so you can give your customer options.

    What are you waiting for? If you haven’t registered for Tara 24/7, now’s the time. Simply visit portal.taramfg.com and click the register now button.


  • Vinyl Pool Liners
    Precision fit vinyl liners made from the finest quality virgin vinyl....

  • As a leader in the pool industry, our dedication to accuracy, innovation and speed helped drive the advancement of vinyl liners. With an array of advanced welding machines and a highly skilled work force, we can handle the most complex and demanding projects. Tara Liners are known for their high quality, exceptional fit and quick turnaround. Every Tara Liner must pass through a 10-point quality check before shipping and we stand behind our liners with a 20 year limited warranty. 

  • Safety Covers
    Designed and constructed to be the strongest and most durable safety covers available....

  • We have a brand new 60,000 sq.ft., energy efficient facility capable of handling large commercial pool covers. With experienced sewing teams operating a wide range of modern sewing machines, we can help you with any size project.

    Tara mesh safety covers come with heavy-duty springs, double layer cross-strapping and hemmed fabric panels to provide layers of protection. Lightweight and easy to install, our mesh safety covers come in Green, Blue and Tan. Choose our HD Mesh for 99% sun-blocking. *U.S. Patent No. 6,886,187 - 99% Shade

    Designed to resist puncture, our Solid pool safety covers resist chemicals, UV rays and mildew. Built with commercial grade single-coil springs, stainless steel hardware and solid brass anchors and endcaps, our solid safety covers provide a durable barrier against the elements. An automatic pump or drain panel keeps water from puddling on the surface.

  • Shade Escapes by Tara
    Transform your backyard into an ideal space for gathering with family and friends with a custom or standard, ready-made shade sail....

  • We offer a range of architectural solutions that will beautify and enhance any outdoor living space. Shade Escapes protect against the harmful rays of the sun and create a comfortable environment to enjoy the outdoors, year-round. Our stylish sun shades are customized to keep your customers safe and cool. Sun shades can lower temperatures by up to 25°. Shade Escapes sun shades are made with the highest quality HDPE shade fabrics and stainless steel hardware offering the ultimate combination of sun protection, strength, durability and versatility.