Lo-Chlor Specialty Pool Chemicals

Ft. Lauderdale,  FL 
United States
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Lo-Chlor Specialty Pool Chemicals...We Rescue Water!

Lo-Chlor Specialty Pool Chemicals are specifically designed to work efficiently in a smart maintenance plan or to quickly eliminate stubborn pool water problems. 

Our unique formulations persist in the toughest environments for swimming pool maintenance. Lo-Chlor products consistently excel where others fail, and have done so for over 40 years. 

A trusted name in performance pool chemicals, Lo-Chlor products are rigorously lab- and field-tested, concentrated and always competitively priced. Let us prove the benefits of Lo-Chlor to your business. 

Brands: Lo-Phos Max, Lo-Phos E+, Miraclear Blue & Clarifier Tab, Ultra Zyme Pro, 90-Day Algicide, Metal Gone, Leak Sealer, Multi-Stain Remover, Chlor-Nix, EZ-Pour Stabilizer, Aqua Blanket, FastStart-Tech