Women in the Industry Leadership Workshop: A Personal Deep Dive
Monday, January 22 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Members: $195 Non-Members: $245

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This full-day workshop will include networking, interactive presentations, and a lot of fun! Spend the day with women who work in all aspects of our industry and learn from each other.

This year, we will take a deep dive to discover your unique personality traits and how they impact how you connect with co-workers, staff, customers, and more. Through interactive exercises, you'll have the chance to apply what you've learned to real-world scenarios and gain new insights into your strengths, challenges, and how you prefer to work. Find out how you use this information to be more effective in your job and build stronger relationships.

This workshop was created by women working in the pool & spa industry for women working in the pool and spa industry. A professional meeting facilitator will lead the meeting, and every workshop aspect will include insights from women like you.

The day's schedule will include:

  • Caffeine and Connections:  Join us for coffee (or juice) and a chance to reconnect or meet new friends.

  • Getting to Know YOU:  Take part in a personality assessment inspired by the DISC Behavioral Assessment. Uncover your predominant behavior style – assertive & results-oriented, outgoing & persuasive, patient & reliable, or organized & conscientious.   Beyond your style, you'll gain a crucial understanding of how the different personality types communicate, connect, and resolve conflict.    

  • Deeper Dive: Decoding Difficult Conversations Now that you've learned more about your communication style and how other styles approach conversations, you'll get the chance to role-play difficult conversations that often happen at work, such as negotiations, customer complaints, employee conflicts, and sales negotiations. We will explore both verbal and nonverbal communication strategies. You'll learn what your body language says about yourself as well as how you can read the non-verbal cues of others.

  • Lunch & Listen:  Enjoy lunch and the chance to get to know other attendees.  

  • Deeper Dive: Setting Healthy Boundaries   Establishing healthy boundaries can be a game-changer. Whether at work or home, asking for what you need from a relationship can be intimidating. Once established, boundaries can minimize conflicts and maximize your well-being.

  • Deeper Dive: Developing Your Personal Brand   What do people think of when they hear your name? Gaining clarity on your brand will help you showcase your professional skills and personal values so you can attract the right opportunities. We'll share best practices for effective communication.

  • Stretch & Reflect:  This gentle yoga session will get you up and moving. Take the chance to recenter yourself as we prepare to wrap up the day's work. No special attire or equipment is needed.

  • Visualize Your Success:  Take everything you've learned about yourself and create your vision board for 2024. This interactive activity will give you tools to clarify your goals and make them more tangible! Creating your vision board will be a fun and creative way to visualize your success. You'll also learn tips on how to keep yourself accountable throughout the year.



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