Maintaining Water in Salt-Chlorine Pools: The Case for Borates

  • Room: 301
Wednesday,January 24, 2024:1:30 PM -3:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:1.5


Speaker 1
John Bokor
Haviland Pool & Spa


Did you know borates can solve the side effects of Salt Chlorine Generators Pools? Borates help SCG corrosion, scale, cloudy water, and algae. Learn the science behind borates and how they make water better.
In addition to SCG pools, learn how borates:
-Stabilize plaster after initial application
-Benefit spas 
-Make pool openings easier and faster for pool professionals, as well as consumers 
-Make summers better when in use AND after the season 
-Prolong chlorine 
If you’re in the pool business or own a pool/spa - BORATES MAKE IT BETTER


Learning Objectives

How borates improve usage and effectiveness of chlorine and chlorine generated by salt-chlorine generators
How borates help with salt chlorine generator side effects- corrosion, calcium scale, cloudy water, algae
How borates improve usage and effectiveness of bromine