Watershape University: ENGINEERING 4411: Essential Electrical Workshop (2 Days) Day 1

  • Room: 321
Sunday,January 21, 2024:8:00 AM -5:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:16


Speaker 1
Speaker 1


Electricity rarely wants to engage with water but, in the watershaping industry, it is unavoidable — electrical power is needed to run pumps, heaters, chemistry systems, lights and other equipment. The pool and hot tub industry has volumes of very specific life-critical codes to consider, spread across multiple ever-changing documents. Making sense of it all is a challenge even for licensed electricians who may have wired 1,000 homes but still don't know how to wire a single pool safely. And that's just the "high-voltage" side of things — there is much to talk about on the low-voltage and wireless side of communications, controls, home automation, etc. This program is designed for pool builders, service professionals and licensed electricians needing to improve their watershaping electrical acumen.


Learning Objectives

Explain high-voltage terms, definitions, electrical-science and functionality including single and three-phase systems.

Calculate sizing of feeders, panels, breakers, conductors, conduits, voltage drop and other important design parameters using a series of worksheets.

Appraise proper installation considerations such as conduit and conductor routing developed through hands-on exercises.

Discuss, design and evaluate low-voltage measurement, communications, protocols and controls from simple chemical controllers to complex home automation integration.