Watershape University: CONSTRUCTION 3611: Essential Plaster Workshop (2 Days) Day 1

  • Room: 322
Sunday,January 21, 2024:8:00 AM -5:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:16


Speaker 1
Bill Drakeley
Drakeley Swimming Pools
Speaker 3
Johan Temple
Watershape University
Speaker 2
Jon Temple
Watershape University
Speaker 4
Robert Abinuman
Tempool Inc


This bi-lingual class defines and resolves frustrating disconnects that have long existed between pool builders, plaster applicators and service technicians. By combining these three disciplines and the key phases they encompass, students completing this class will fully understand concrete pool expectations in terms of finished application, successful start-up and satisfying project goals and intentions. The instructor panel features top experts in their respective fields: Bill Drakeley (concrete), Jon Temple (plaster) and Eric Knight (start-up/service). The curriculum includes both hands-on instruction for application techniques, lecture, and supplemental instruction and reference materials.


Learning Objectives

Establish a base line of acceptable pool concrete surface substrates and surface profiles prepped and made ready for a new plaster application.
Discuss and demonstrate (in class) plaster design and mixology with related cementitious chemistry of a typical plaster mix.
Instruct on plaster application techniques and examine texture and bond ability characteristics.
Introduce moisture and submersion of new plaster applications and teach start up and pool care techniques for the new plaster.